16 Plus

The 16+ provision at Demeter House School offers a wide range of academic, vocational and pastoral subjects. Each student’s timetable is individually tailored to them around their personal needs and aspirations.

We offer A-levels, GCSE and a range of vocational qualifications including ICT and Construction qualifications.

Alongside the academic and vocational development of the students, a large emphasis is placed on the students’ preparation for adulthood. We aim to be able to provide the students with the skills they will need upon leaving Demeter House School.

We offer information, advice, support and guidance to the students and parents. This enables our students to make informed decisions about their future and ultimately allows them to work consistently towards achieving their life goals.

We can also provide work experience, independent living programmes and supported transitions to local mainstream colleges or other providers.

Our Vocational and Careers Coordinators are Mark Wilkinson and Anna Martin.