Welcome Back!

Progress Review

On Thursday October 17th 2019 there will be Progress Review day. The school will be closed to students on the day, and letters will be sent out inviting parents to make an appointment to meet with their child’s key worker.

School Uniform

We are currently considering blazers as a smarter, more grown up alternative for the older students. We will be sending out letters with information once more has been decided.

Class Dojo

Letters were sent home with an invitation to sign up for Class Dojo, our new rewards and communication system. Class Dojo is free to download and works on any platform. The letters contained a unique code that will give you access to your child’s class, allowing you to see their Learning Tokens and other information. You may also message your child’s key worker during school hours through the app (staff will not be available outside normal school days and hours).

We look forward to sharing your child’s successes with you this year!

Class Dojo Logo

Events This Term

As a quick start to the new term, three of our younger students took part in the Fun Run this Wednesday, each of them running 2km!In other Sporty events, our Upper School shall be holding a friendly Staff vs Students football match at Brigg Town FC on May 7th, and some of our older students will be competing in an Under 16’s football tournament in Grantham on May 10th, with lots more football matches to come.

Our Careers Week begins on the 13th of May, giving our Year 9’s a look at the different options open for their futures in education and vocations. There will be visiting speakers, as well as input from our own staff on the options available to them.

A few of our students have been working together to create a go-kart in preparation for the Humber Bridge Soap Box Derby, which they’ll be entering on June 22nd. There’s a lot of changes yet to be made, but they’re hoping to be able to do some test runs soon!

A Perfect Pudding

After a long morning of learning, a culinary treat awaited for pudding today in the form of Strawberries on Rice Krispy cakes, drizzled with a slight smattering of chocolate sauce. Made from scratch by the wonderful Sue, they certainly brought smiles all round.

Sue's Strawberry Krispies

Just enough syrup to not be overly sticky. It’s an 8/10 from me.’

‘Only half a strawberry? I’ve been deceived!’

‘It’s the eye that takes the first bite, and my mouth that’ll certainly be taking a second (portion).’ 

‘Just something I threw together.’
~Sue says, jokingly.

With Lemon Crunch promised for tomorrow, it makes you wonder if the delights of the kitchen will ever end.

A view of the Kitchen

The Farm

The Demeter House School Farm is a site on the outskirts of Caistor, where the upper school students visit for Animal Care and Forest School. The Farm itself consists of a grid of horse paddocks lined with dirt lanes, but it’s true beauty is found hidden behind an archway in the trees. Through this concealed entrance is a peaceful clearing with the pastures of various animals around it’s edge and a fishing pond at it’s centre.

On weekdays you can hear the trundling of the school bus as it trudges up the lane before rolling to a halt beside two curious Shetland ponies. Then, as if a team of (soon-to-be) expert handlers, the students step from the bus and into the routine of caring for the animals.When I accompanied a trip to the farm, I was able to watch as, with only the verbal directions of the teacher, the students were each able to complete their tasks about the farm – be it turning off the electrical fences, giving the animals their feed or helping the teacher to clean out the results of said feed.








Alongside the two ponies, t
he students also help to care for three young goats, affectionately named Mel, Michelle and Linda, a coop-full of chickens and two sultan hens, and a horse in one of the farm’s paddocks.

Once done with their respective chores, the students usually spend some time pole fishing with sweetcorn while waiting for the others – a relaxed pass time aside from the occasional mischievous duck.

The Lake

Away from the sometimes hustle and bustle of school life, The Farm provides students with a calm respite while managing to impart both practical knowledge and skills, as well as teaching them the responsibilities of caring for animals. The Farm has already come a long way since the first time I visited it, nearly a year before this post, and I, for one, can’t wait to see it as we progress into Spring and Summer.