Life Coaching

Life Coaching Approach

We have a team of Life Coaches that are qualified to different levels. The whole staff team has undertaken ‘Introduction to Life Coaching Skills’ training and we use this as our general approach.

Coaching is a non-directive approach which enables individuals to create long lasting change in themselves. It isn’t about telling people what to do, it’s about enabling them to figure it out and then supporting them to make it happen. This is done on a 1:1 with a qualified coach.

Coaching isn’t counselling. Counselling is where you work with a counsellor or therapist and go back to a place in your past that you need help to accept and understand in order to be at peace in the present. Coaching starts from where the person is now and helps them to move forward, sharing different perspectives and expanding their outlook on different situations.

We can offer one to one life coaching for students in order to help them set personal goals to work towards.

Coaching Team:

Simon Chudley

Adam Walker

Gaz Blackbourn

Sophie Stow

Carrie Backhouse

Steve Smith

Laura Chatterton

Anna Martin