Welcome to our schools

We are very proud to be the Headteachers at Demeter House and we, as a school community, are proud of all of our students’ achievements, no matter how big or small. We are also proud of our staff, who are a dedicated team of caring people that work hard to build relationships and trust with the students and families that we meet.

Our main aims are for our students to be happy, safe and invested in their own education and communities as much as possible. The staff are committed to providing as many different activities and experiences as we can in order to empower our young people to reach their maximum potential, both in and out of school, and for them to become confident and independent young adults.

Every student is an individual and has their own interests, needs and hopes for the future. Here at Demeter House, we value people’s individuality and try to make sure that everyone leaves us with the best life chances for the future. We invest in people, we welcome visitors and we hope that everyone feels like they are part of the Demeter community when they visit us.

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Melissa Marris & Michelle Huckle
Headteachers (Hera House and Hestia School)



04 Sep
School Reopens (Autumn Term)
18 Oct
School Closes (Half Term)
04 Nov
School Reopens
18 Dec
School Closes 🎄(Christmas Holidays)
07 Jan
School Reopens 🌱 (Spring Term)